What is your way of dealing with the challenges and opportunities related to the energy transition? Decarbonization, Decentralization & Digitalization create momentum.

Digitalization is often depicted as one of the enablers to face these challenges, but if not addressed well, digitalization can be destructive.

Learning from the early digital transformation

Selecting the use cases that add value: digitalization has shown results for the past 40 years

Since the 1970’s utilities have been implementing digital technologies to manage their electrical assets and systems. This first digital transformation has shown successful use cases. We have developed experience in understanding the use cases that function and how to upgrade them with the technologies available today.

Making the best out of digital opportunities

Making the right choices in line with your context and strategy: digitalization is just an enabler

Every organization faces a different context and therefore has different rationale for turning to digitalization. Whether it is to support the national conversion, efficiency or the energy transition, all organizations need to understand why and how they deal with digitalization. Digitalization is the means to achieving your companies’ objectives or grasping new opportunities for your business model. We developed the methodologies to see clearer and further.

No digitalization without talent

Combining strategic-thinking, business knowledge, and technological awareness

Talent will be key to transform the energy sector in time. Our bidirectional approach places the people and organizational culture at the center of the transformation. By defining the topics important at the time and engaging directly with your teams: through use cases and concrete projects (bottom-up) and refocus on consistent roadmaps to achieve the strategy (top-down). We accompany your teams and focus on knowledge transfer from our experienced teams.

Optimization of Business Processes and Data – Using AI and Data Analytics in the Energy Sector

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics: Why?

Energy Transition lead to higher  complexity and interactions throughout all value System value chain

Electro-mobility, decentralization, sector-coupling, consumer-centricity. would require dynamic and optimal operation of the system.

Digitalization would offer new insights, enhanced observability and controllability of the system.

AI and data analytics will help you to take full advantage of digitalization potential, translate complex challenges, and unlock opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics: How?

Digitation offers higher observability / big data that cannot be fully valorized by conventional approach…

Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence will be key to find value where the ‘’human eye’’ would reach its limit;

Classic analytical approaches reach their limits due to increasing complexity (social behavior, cross-sector uncertainty…)

Intelligent Decision support application will  support optimal response under dynamic and uncertain conditions;

Artificial Intelligence would unlock full potential of your digitalization and leverage future design of the energy system.

Elia Grid International is your agile partner

Witnessing the digital transformation in the Belgian and German electricity sectors since the 1970s and at our international partners, we know the pitfalls and keys to success.  We have developed a unique understanding of what digital transformation means and can be deployed from inside a utility group, combined with the agile approach of a greatly connected network.

We are not doing everything on our own, but combine the strengths of our network to provide the highest value to our partners worldwide. We go beyond the simple digital service and go beyond the regulated thinking. We support your transformation along the digital value chain: from strategy to use case implementation.

Loic Tilman
Head of Innovation - Elia Group

“The paradigm shift imposes many new challenges on us. Luckily, the energy transition is backed by another evolution: the digitalisation of our sector. We need to leverage new innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to better integrate the decentralised players and t…

Michaël von Roeder
Chief Digital Officer - Elia Group

“Innovation is not only about technology, it is also about psychology. It is about how to take all employees along on this ride to deal with fundamental and exponential changes.”

Loic Tilman
Head of Innovation - Elia Group

“In our fast-paced changing energy system, Elia is aiming to test and validate the potential of new technologies to maximise efficiency, quality and safety in our business while embedding innovative mindset in the group. We then leverage on both companies challenges and test-bed to maximise the le…

Didier Wiot
CEO - Elia Grid International

“Utilities have been involved in digitalization since the 1970s. At EGI we use the current technologies to enhance proven use cases for our partners.”