Operate the system

you contribute in an essential way to the economy of the future and your role is essential to the community, you want to make a difference and contribute to a better environment, a lower dependency on fossil fuels, more low-carbon energy, and increased energy security. Your role as a power grid operator grows more intense and complex.

As a consequence, you want to make sure you operate the system strategically, in line with state of the art standards and proofed methods.

Elia Grid International offers you a wide range of strategic and consulting services that will help you meet expectations.

You also want to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your assets.

Based on its proven expertise and hands-on experience of their homebased TSO’s (Elia in Belgium and 50 Hertz in Germany), Elia Grid International will not only advise you as any standard consultant would; we will also help you implement to the solution.

Within a large range of specialized solutions and services we can tailor our expertise to your specific needs. Together we can make a difference.