Powering a world in progress

With two TSOs – Elia in Belgium and 50Hertz in Germany – Elia Group is one of Europe’s five leading transmission system operators. We are also a partner in the joint venture Nemo Link and provide consultancy services through Elia Grid International.

We operate 18,990 kilometres of high-voltage connections that secure the power supply of 30 million end users. With a reliability level of 99.999%, we’re leading the way in a successful energy transition, and ensuring a reliable, sustainable and affordable energy system for future generations.

European market leader

 As one of Europe’s top five transmission systems operators, we play a leading role in the management of European electricity systems and assets, and in the integration of the European electricity market.


As a driving force in the European energy sector transition, our roles include:


  • developer & asset manager for large onshore and offshore infrastructure projects in Europe.
  • facilitator & supporter of European market integration, by actively shaping the market in North West and Central Europe and developing allocation mechanisms in collaboration with other grid operators, regulators and power exchanges.
  • integrator of the world’s highest proportion of wind infeed in the German grid area. 


We make the energy transition happen

By expanding international high-voltage connections and integrating ever-increasing amounts of renewable energy generation, Elia Group promotes both the integration of the European energy market and the decarbonisation of our society. 

As a leading innovator in the energy sector, we’re constantly improving our operational systems and reimagining our market products so that new technologies and market parties can access our grid, thus making the energy transition happen.

Elia, our Belgian TSO, initiated Belplex, the first market coupling between France, Belgium and the Netherlands, which has paved the way for the integration of power markets in Central Western Europe.

50Hertz, our German TSO, is a pioneer in Europe for the integration of renewable energy, with more than 40% of the total wind energy in Germany injected into its grid, an ever-increasing amount of photovoltaic energy, and the connection of large offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

Global energy advocates

We provide various consulting services to international customers through our subsidiary, Elia Grid International (EGI).

We’re also involved in the Nemo Link joint venture that operates the first subsea interconnector between Belgium (Elia) and the United Kingdom (National Grid). Nemo Link is a crucial step in the integration of the electricity grid between continental Europe and the UK, and facilitates access to renewable energy all over Europe, as well as allowing excess energy to be exported. Since the beginning of 2019, Nemo Link has connected the Richborough (UK) and Herdersbrug (Belgium) converter stations via a 140 km cable, in a complex and impressive feat of engineering.