We are your agile partner in innovative power consultancy services

We, Elia Grid International (EGI), are the daughter company of the Elia Group, one of the leading-edge group of Transmission System Operators (TSOs) in Europe.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary (50/50) of Elia, the TSO in Belgium, and 50Hertz, the TSO in northern and eastern Germany, providing innovative consultancy services for your power system challenges.

We understand your challenges

Our unique value proposition lies in the fact that we understand how electric utilities work from the inside out.

This gives us the ability to provide our clients and partners with peer-to-peer feedback in terms of specific expertise but also in terms of project management. EGI will not only advise you as any standard consultant would, but we will also help you with the hands-on implementation of recommendations and deliverables.

We partner to deliver the best outcome to you and the society. Indeed, on top of our in-house knowledge, we like to team up with other partners in the energy ecosystem whenever necessary in order to offer our clients a comprehensive solution for their challenges.

We leverage our expertise to bring you to the next level

Our intention is to develop a strong partnership with you and to develop tailor-made solutions that are directly useable and specifically adapted to your culture and your challenges.

We strive to make a difference by providing tangible deliverables and by ensuring that the output of our projects is sustainable. 

To achieve this, we primarily focus on high-quality customer service and on the adequate transfer of knowledge required to provide the best return for the society and our clients.

You can rely on a team of experts that have developed proven knowledge and experience, in Europe and internationally. 

Get in touch with us if you want to know more, we would be glad to help you.

We are close to you

With offices in Brussels, Berlin, Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, Abu-Dhabi and Saudi-Arabia,  Elia Grid International brings you proven expertise and innovative character in all aspects of electricity transmission.