EGI is your best partner for implementing Cutting-Edge and Efficient Asset Management Strategies

With more than 20years of experience in Advanced and Hands-on Asset Management implementations, EGI is one of the most qualified partners to offer a full suite of services to support your organization along its asset management journey. 

From the assessment of your asset data through comprehensive organizational transformations, we can assist you in all aspects of Asset Management implementation and help you extract the maximum value of your assets while keeping the risks under control and the reliability at its best.

By binging advanced experience across every stage of the asset lifecycle, we provide a  comprehensive approach to deliver dramatic bottom-line improvements.

Our mission: Help you optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your assets in a sustainable way by applying a holistic and cross-cutting approach to Asset Management.

EGI power consultancy services

  • Strategic Asset Management
    • Assessment of your organizational design, Technical Governance and Core processes 
    • Assessment of your technical capabilities and expertise
    • Compliance with ISO55001 standards and Asset Management Best practices
    • Analysis and review of your business processes (e.g. alignment between CAPEX, OPEX and REPEX processes)
    • Long term risk assess
    • Implementation of technical governance bodies and structures
    • Definition of Digital roadmaps to support Asset Management
  • Tactical Asset Management
    • Development of Asset Fleet Strategies
    • Long term and medium-term risk assessment methodology
    • Risk-based decision-making processes
    • Implementation of state-of-the-art Asset Management Tools
    • Definition of critical data to support efficient decision making
    • Definition of Leading KPIs and dashboards
    • Definition of Maintenance strategies and Policies
    • Reduction of asset diversity through optimized replacement strategies and Assets Standardization
    • Competence assessment and knowledge management
    • Asset Lifecycle analysis, linking CAPEX, OPEX and REPEX
    • End of life management
    • Data Life-Cycle concept

  • Operational Asset Management
    • Asset Registers & assets cartography
    • Asset Data Collection and Data Quality
    • Replacement policies
    • Spare parts management
    • Linking Asset Management with online monitoring and Asset Control Centers
    • Linking Asset Management with Incident Analysis 
  • Other Services with a direct impact on cost optimization
    • Assessment of the “state of the grid” (Technical and economical due diligence)
    • Performance Benchmarking with peer TSOs
    • Asset Standardization
    • Procurement strategies to support standardization and efficient Asset Management
    • Outage planning optimization
    • Smart Substations and remote maintenance
    • Business Games & Trainings

VP Maintenance – Electric utility

“The Transmission Asset Manager (TAM) will play a key role in the maintenance activities by 1. Consolidating the data on the assets, which will give essential information for the decision making on the asset fleet and minimize the risks associated with the asset lifecycle; and 2. Decreasing asset …

VP Operations – Electric utility

“The SAMI project carried out by Elia Grid International is a strategic initiative for National Grid SA as it brings industry best standards in Asset Management to the organization. Asset Management will reduce the risk of equipment failure, extend the life of equipment, and minimize the occurrence of costly…

VP Planning – National Gird Saudi Arabia

“EGI has helped us to build a new entity in charge of Asset Management within our organization. Transmission Asset Management (TAM) will play a new and critical role in the interface with Planning, by developing long term disposal strategies and consolidating those strategies into distinct replacement…