Diversity and inclusion are important to us

We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce will:

  • Drive performance by connecting us to customers more effectively, allowing us to access new markets and attract new business.
  • Strengthen our capability for innovation by creating an environment that encourages and values individual contributions, talents and perspectives, leveraging our employees’ wealth of knowledge, experiences and skills, and promoting collaboration.
  • Reflect the societies in which we operate.  To be able to perform effectively in an increasingly complex global economy, we must be able to transcend cultural barriers and interact with insight, skill and understanding.
  • Help us to compete effectively for the best talent and retain our best people by enhancing both our attractiveness as an employer, and our reputation as a socially responsible company.

Our success and performance are a reflection of our ability to embrace diversity, which allows us to deliver the best possible solutions for our people, customers and stakeholders.

Our inclusive workplace promotes openness and respect. We encourage individual perspectives, and promote a culture where people feel connected to the Group’s success.