EGI is your agile partner in supporting your Offshore Projects

In this fast-changing world, offshore wind is quickly becoming one of the most convenient ways to add renewable energy sources to the electricity grid.

Due to the installation costs tumbling at record rates, system Operators have to quickly adapt by building more and more offshore electricity grid infrastructure. 

EGI can help you to build a cost-efficient offshore grid, therefore, fulfilling a milestone in the development of a secure, interconnected power system for your country, able to integrate increasing amounts of renewable energy.

Our offshore offering is backed by our long track record of a TSO based company

Modular Offshore Grid

  • We are designing robust and resilient offshore grid infrastructure with consistent performances over their full lifetime
  • We are optimizing DEVEX, CAPEX and OPEX costs by leveraging past experiences and world-class grid assets procurement and contract management policy
  • We are de-risking projects by applying a holistic view on the project and paying attention to financial, legal, commercial, regulatory and technical aspects
  • We are accelerating and facilitating project developments thanks to a deep knowledge of regulations, grid code requirements and through proactive engagement with key stakeholders and fellow System Operators
  • We have the ability to support every aspect of a project and can challenge the specialized expertise provided by EPC contractors, OEMs and Subcontractors
  • We are ISO9001 certified which means that we can ensure quality and long-term commitment