Elia Grid International can help you manage your system more efficiently.​

In the past decade, your role as a power system operator has intensified and grown more complex with the need to take in more variable energy, the development of interconnections, the impact of power markets, the diversification and multiplication of actors.​

Elia Grid International is your agile partner to optimize your Power System Operations

In this fast changing world, System Operators need a vast range of expertise areas, from very short term transient dynamics to long term market developments for the energy transition. The EGI team, combining the expertise of the two parent system operators and of their clients, has reached a critical mass able to offer high-quality analyses and solutions in these challenges.

Learning from our past to support your future​

If you want to effectively operate a reliable and secure electricity transmission business, your organization must build its capabilities in a wide range of technical and critical fields. EGI can help you taking short-cuts and side-steps that avoid failure in the following fields of expertise:​

  • Load frequency control (compliance with regulations, modelisation and design, implementation)​
  • Congestion management​
  • Grid ancillary services and balancing reserves​
  • Resilient power system​
  • Emergency and restoration management​
  • Grid code development​
  • Grid connection requirements​
  • System training and simulation​
  • International coordination of system operation​

Every organization faces a different context and has its own challenges with regards to system operations. At EGI, we understand that and we develop tailored-made solutions for your organization. ​

Integration of renewable energy

Most utilities are now adopting higher penetrations of renewables. While power systems are designed to handle the variable nature of loads, the increasing addition of renewable energy sources causes uncertainty and new challenges for utilities and system operators. Our experts at EGI are constantly improving their skill set by working hand-in-hand with the two System Operators of the Elia Group. This allows us to provide the best support to our partners with regards to:​

  • Operational requirements related to RES integration​
  • Sizing of balancing reserves​
  • Grid codes requirements​
  • Congestion Management and flexible access​
  • Renewable Control Center and aggregation of decentralized production​
  • System stability (inertia, etc.)​

In short, EGI can help you to deploy a variety of operational and technical solutions to help integrate higher penetrations of wind and solar generation.​

Position? - TSO
South-East Asia

“EGI has developed for us a roadmap to cope with the coming wave of RES power plants. Since then, this strategy paves the way of our initiatives to make it happen in the country.”

Position? - Company?

“We wanted to follow European TSOs best practices in terms of System Operations, Market and Grid Planning.
EGI has supported us the way to reach that objective”. TSO Eastern Europe

Position ? - TSO in Eastern Europe

As a TSO in Eastern Europe, we target to connect to the Continental European System.
EGI has showed us what are the gap and required initiatives to make this possible and be compliant with EU regulations.” TSO in Eastern Europe.

Frank Vandenberghe
Director Customers, Market & System Elia - Elia

In this fast changing world, TSO’s need a vast range of expertise areas, from very short term transient dynamics to long term market developments for the energy transition. The EGI team, combining the expertise of the two parent system operators and of their clients, has reached a critical mass able to offer…