Investment Advisory and Technical Due Diligence approach

Investing in power systems demands a thorough understanding of the business and its risks.

Our Investment Advisory and Due Diligence approach employs technical due diligence as a vital risk management tool to identify potential limitations and opportunities for mergers or acquisitions.

Our team conducts detailed technical due diligence to develop practical strategies and mitigate any key risks in the vendor’s business case model.

Using our extensive global experience, we identify potential business opportunities that can lead to future performance upsides. With our wealth of industry experience, we conduct tailored and detailed technical due diligence on any power system asset worldwide.

Tailored and detailed technical Due Diligence on any power system asset around the globe

Investment Advisory and Due Diligence

Our comprehensive approach to power system investment involves:

  • Reviewing all available information: public data, Data Room files, and technical studies.
  • Examining business plans, operating models, company structure, and organization.
  • Analyzing the regulatory framework, including challenges and opportunities.
  • Assessing CAPEX, OPEX, and REPEX projections.
  • Evaluating asset management framework and capabilities.
  • Identifying long-term investment requirements based on future needs.
  • Assessing the performance and reliability of existing assets.
  • Conducting performance assessments of management and staff.
  • Identifying efficiency gains and potential for upside.
  • Developing key risk mitigation strategies and producing red flag and opinion reports.
  • Benchmarking with industry leaders to ensure best performance.