Connection of Ukraine to the pan-European network

#Ukraine | Elia Grid International has been assisting UKRENERGO with several projects over the last few years, including the connection of Ukraine to the pan-European network.

The interconnection between the two power systems has long been in the making. Negotiations began with the first memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the EU and Ukraine on energy cooperation, signed in 2005 and reconfirmed in 2017. The MoU aims at a “full integration” of the EU and Ukrainian energy markets and the connection itself was scheduled for Q1 2023.

The Ukrainian power grid has been operating in island mode since February 23 as part of a scheduled test run prior to a full synchronisation with the continental European grid. On February 27, UKRENERGO requested an exceptional procedure to speed up the connection to the EU power system, following the Russian invasion three days before.

The integration is a complex endeavour that requires a variety of advanced technical, regulatory and power market agreements but great efforts have been made on the side of the European grid operators to answer UKRENERGO’s call and to establish the necessary grid connections so that the parties could synchronize the systems within days by dropping some of the usual requirements and agreements.

Pending the final decision, UKRENERGO has successfully managed to control and balance the grid by itself since the beginning of the invasion. Despite dire conditions, it has managed to ensure the stability of the grid and to provide the critically needed power to the country.

Elia Grid International will continue to provide support to our colleagues and friends at UKRENERGO who are working tirelessly around the clock to keep the lights on.


On a more personal note, as we watch the events unfold with a heavy heart, we are also awestruck by the resilience of the Ukrainian people. The dedication of our colleagues at UKRENERGO is exceptional and the stability they manage to secure considering the situation they are in is an incredible feat.

We warmly invite you to follow UKRENERGO’s LinkedIn page where they post regular updates on the grid operation in Ukraine.