The Energy Transition Conference 2023 Powered by TNB – August 28-29 August 2023

Taking place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 28-29 August and powered by TNB,  the Energy Transition Conference 2023 is set to pave the way for a net-zero future and dive into the transformative waves of the Energy Transition.

Elia Grid International is proud to attend the event and will be leading a panel session on “Strengthening ASEAN Energy Security through Regional Interconnection” where we’ll explore the advantages and challenges of regional interconnections, gleaning insights from Europe’s journey. 

Our discussion will also touch on ASEAN’s policy readiness, funding considerations, and the broader implications of a unified ASEAN energy grid!


Join us and share your views on how to face the complexities of the energy transition!

ET Conference Malaysia 2023
The Energy Transition Conference 2023