EGI at the Annual Stakeholder Meeting of Ukrenergo in Kiev

On February 18th, EGI took part in Annual Stakeholder Meeting of NPC Ukrenergo in Kyiv which focussed on the exciting topic of “нові горизонти” (new horizons).

“For us, the annual stakeholder meeting is an opportunity together with our Ukrainian and foreign partners to summarize the results of the past year and share our plans for the future. Such events are an additional opportunity to discuss important issues to improve the productivity of our collaboration with them. ”said CEO of Ukrenergo  Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

In 2019, Ukrenergo completed the corporatization of the Company and a large part of measures envisaged by the roadmap of integration into ENTSO-E by signing a Service Contract with the ENTSO-E with the purpose of creating a common model for the power systems of Ukraine and Europe.

Elia Grid International is supporting NPC Ukrenergo on two important projects:

  • “System Operation and Integration of Ukrenergo into ENTSO-E”
  • “System transformation for optimized integration of renewable energies in Ukraine

In his speech to the very large audience of local and international representatives attending the event, our CEO, Didier Wiot stressed the commitment of EGI to remain a trusted partner and help Ukrenergo in achieving their goals by providing access to key expertise and sharing our experiences.

“By making your New Horizons a reality, you will give both Ukraine and Europe not only a sustainable legacy but also a very valuable one!” he concluded.