Elia Grid International participating in the 9th Saudi Arabia Smart Grid Conference

With more than 2500 participants and 70 exhibitors, this prestigious event provides an excellent opportunity to promote products, services, ideas and business related to smart grid in a comprehensive way as it attracts the attention of the regional governmental, scientific, business and technological community.

Elia Grid International (EGI) presented its “Vision for Grid and Legal developments for a RES-dominant Power System” based on a joint publication with the international law firm Pinsent Masons and Saudi law firm Al Sabhan & Al Alajaji.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) moves towards integrating more Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the power system. Therefore, a comprehensive grid planning process for a cost-efficient and reliable integration of RES is required. The Speakers gave an overview of this process, which is composed of six fields of practices:
1. Scenario building to frame the uncertainties around the electricity sector
2. Enhanced market modeling to identify future generation dispatches with a higher RES penetration
3. Year-round probabilistic grid modeling considering the volatility of RES generation
4. Cost and benefit analysis to select the best investments
5. Techno-economic assessment of the generation fleet and design of new cross-border interconnections
6. Dynamic portfolio management to steer investment projects in a changing environment

They also emphasized the importance of an adapted legal and regulatory framework to foster the RES development and integration.

Elia Grid International thanks the Committee of the Saudi Arabia Smart Grid Conference 2019 for this inspiring event and its partners for the great and fruitful collaboration.