Project on GSE Metering System Assessment, 2020

In the course of about six months, Elia Grid International supports GSE (Georgian State Electrosystem) in the Assessment of its Metering System in regards to implementation of Wholesale Electricity Market, that is envisaged for 2022.

During the project, which is funded by the World Bank, the metering system’s readiness for the envisaged Day Ahead trading and the Balancing Market is assessed based on technical visits in the substations, technical questionnaires, review of metering data and documentations as well as the Metering Code currently in place in Georgia.

The technical criteria used during EGIs analysis are in line with the Market Reforms currently transforming the Georgian Electricity Market and Best Practices of Elia Group – two TSOs experienced in liberalized, wholesale electricity markets for decades.

As a result of the assessment, recommendations for the metering system and a possible procurement of goods will be delivered to GSE.

Picture showing Elia Grid International and GSE experts; substation Gardabani – 500 kV.