See the opportunities in the future energy landscape ? We support you in getting there.

Aligning the board room

Strategic Planning for Utilities

Get your board room behind you, we support by engaging with them on your plans to renew yourselves

We know how difficult it can be to obtain the support from Boards and Executives, and even more to align them towards a common targeted position for your organization. We have the internal and external experience of getting C-levels talking the same language.

Understanding the external challenges and opportunities

Strategic Planning for Utilities

Assessing and grasping what the organization will be confronted with globally, regionally and locally.

We are at the center of the Energy Transition, just as you are. Either we came across the same trends in the past or are in the middle of gearing up to get the most out of them. Challenges are only challenges, until you see the opportunities in them.

Understanding your internal strengths, and working on your improvement areas

We are only as strong as our weakest link, just like our network.

Our organizations have not been inactive to face the energy transition and initiatives are already being deployed to strengthen our positions. We assess with you which strengths you can capitalize on, and which improvement areas can provide short- and long-term gains.

Focus on the areas that matter to you and the position you want to take

Building the strategic pillars that support your strategy, and build them according to the priority.

Utilities and organizations more broadly tend to be willing to take all challenges and actions at the same time. We accompany your journey to define your priorities to handle the different plausible scenarios that you could encounter in the future. These priorities will guide your organization towards strategic roadmaps that are linked to your strategy and concrete enough to be implemented by your teams.

Gear up your organization to execute the plan and the journey

A plan is good, talent to climb up the hill and keep you on track is even better.

Over the past 15 years, we have improved our approach to executing and monitoring the execution of the strategy of power utilities. Our Lighthouse approach develops your capabilities to execute your strategy and monitor its timely execution. Strategic roadmaps deserve special attention, and this attention allows the achievement of your transformation in the Energy Transition.

Elia Grid International is your agile partner

Elia Group has been a front-runner in the energy transformation phases since it started managing the grid in Belgium and Germany. xxx

We are not doing everything on our own, but combine the strengths of our network to provide the highest value to our partners worldwide. We are at your organization’s side to ensure your people acquire knowledge and can reiterate the activities in autonomy.