Training on Balancing Market for RES integration

“In the framework of our ongoing project “System transformation for an optimised integration of Renewables in the Ukraine” sponsored by Deutsche Energy Agentur GmbH dena, we successfully completed last week our second online training with NPC Ukrenergo on “Balancing Markets and Flexibility” moderated by our Senior Expert, Dr. Georgios Papaefthymiou. We would like to thank all experts from the Balancing Market Team and the Customer Management and Settlement Team of 50hertz Transmission GmbH for the excellent presentations and the detailed exchange on balancing market design, prequalification and BRP settlement processes. Many thanks to NEXT Kraftwerke, LEAG and the Upside Group for sharing the experiences on the role of aggregators and the deployment of battery storage for the balancing service provision in Germany. Interested to know more on how to balance your system for the energy transition? Stay tuned for our third training on “System Adequacy with RES”, coming up…”