We are seeking strategic partners

We are seeking business partners who share our mission, vision, and goals, and who want to work together.

Benefits to a business partnership

1. Secure new business opportunities

The majority of our clients are various corporations, bodies, and organizations, among them public organs.

We help increase the scope of your business and sales routes.

2. Improved profitability

We can make use of our existing trading partners as new sales routes for you, allowing you to drive increased profits for your business.

3. Minimal competition

The association’s business model is unique and found nowhere else, allowing for smooth sales activity that makes use of our wide network of potential clients and buyers.

4. Improve your corporate/organizational image

The association also operates a range of initiatives to give back to society through various local municipalities, allowing you to improve your corporate image.

5. Achieve ongoing profits

Our association also handles all follow-through and additional steps such as implementation and inquiries.

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