Workshops on “Best Practices on EU Grid Codes”

Elia Grid International (EGI) in consortium with LDK Consultants have recently held a workshop session with the Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE) in Tbilisi, Georgia. The goal was to enhance GSE’s legal and contractual framework and aligning it to the EU standards. Focal points in the workshop held on 23.01.2019 in Tbilisi were the issues imposed by European regulation and legal procedures regarding network connection and access. EGI shared Elia Group experience and best practices on EU grid codes and TSO agreements.

Previous workshop sessions have already addressed topics as connection codes, operational methodologies, operational planning according to ENTSO-E models respectively the regulations for agreements between TSOs. The workshop’s main target is to develop GSE staff skills in best practices applied by the European TSOs. These workshops are part of the EU funded project “Support to the Georgian State Electrosystem in implementation of new energy sector regulations”.