Strategic Asset Management Implementation (SAMI)

Timeframe: 2014-2017

We managed to establish a new entity and equip National Grid with the skills and knowledge to perform excellent Asset Management.

The project in a nutshell

Elia Grid International helped the transmission system operator in Saudi Arabia to design and implement a centralized Asset Management organization with strong technical expertise and governance.  This significant project included, among other things:

  • The development of a new organization to support the asset management principles (e.g. line of sight, lifecycle optimization, risk management, experience feedback and continuous improvement);
  • The staffing of this new entity with the adequate profiles and the organization of trainings;
  • The review and improvement of existing processes and the introduction of new processes so as to comply with best practices of Asset Management;
  • The creation of new governance committees so as to facilitate the decision making and brake down the silos in the organization;
  • The definition of new strategies and policies (e.g. Asset Management Policy and Strategy, Asset Fleet Strategies, IT Strategy, Asset Risk Management Strategy, Asset Replacement Policies);
  • The change management.

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