System transformation for optimized integration of renewable energies in Ukraine

Timeframe: July 2020 - April 2021

Let me express our gratitude to Elia Grid International for our fruitful cooperation, the experience and best practices shared with us are very important for our specialists. We are also very thankful to DENA and the Federal Ministry of economy and energy for supporting the projects.

We appreciate a lot the workshops we participated in during the second phase of the project, as they improved significantly our understanding of the smart ways to integrate renewables into our power system. This is critically important for us, as over the past few years we experienced a boom in renewables. Therefore, we need to learn the experience of our European partners in order to be able to integrate renewables into the power system swiftly and effectively. We are looking forward to the prolongation of our cooperation.

Vitalii Zaichenko, Director for Management of the IPS of Ukraine – Chief Dispatcher of NPC Ukrenergo.

The project in a nutshell

Through this project, EGI supports the transmission system operator Ukrenergo with the necessary actions for the integration of higher shares of renewable energies.

In-depth training was provided on three strategic areas:

  1. System Development: mapping of the full toolchain, methodologies and processes, in state-of-the-art strategic grid planning for transition to higher RES shares
  2. System Adequacy with RES: presentation of processes and operational tools for ensuring system security in the presence of high RES shares, including RES forecasting, grid operational planning and short-term generation adequacy planning
  3. Balancing Market and Flexibility: in-depth insight in the full TSO balancing service procurement process from prequalification, tendering, to settlement.

Through dedicated action plan sessions, the future needs and respective implementation steps for the transition to higher RES shares in Ukraine were identified and were summarized as key project output in a dedicated action plan report.

Project Report:

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